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Our Commercial Radiant Heaters are ideal for a variety of applications such as heating restaurant and bar terraces, schoolyards/classrooms, warehouses etc.

Our Heaters Qualify for a Grant of up to €4,000

HOTELS, CAFES, RESTAURANTS and attractions where food is sold will be able to apply for outdoor dining grants of up to €4,000 to help facilitate an outdoor summer this year. If you would like us to go through your options please fill out the form and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly....

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Why Alfresco,

Alfresco heaters are much larger than most rival products, measuring up to 156cm in length. One alfresco heater will do the job of three regular heaters.

Most outdoor heaters produce 50% heat and 50% light. Alfresco Heaters produce 94% heat and only 6% to light so will warm the coldest areas. The use of 98% pure aluminium reflectors, polished to a mirror finish is also a crucial element of the design of our heaters, amplifying the energy emitted significantly while keeping running costs low.

Slash running costs by using motion sensors. Our next-generation Chromium elements are unaffected by constant on / off switching, unlike standard heaters where the lamp will quickly blow

Our heaters warm people and solid objects, not the air in between so cold areas are heated instantly.

Alfresco heaters do not waste energy warming the air; instead, they heat only solid objects like people. The heat produced feels remarkably like sunlight and is extremely pleasant.

The radiant heaters are a perfect and innovative solution for economical, fast and pleasant heating for your Large outdoor area They are also suitable for domestic spaces. Gas and halogen heaters warm the air between you and the heater. This warm air rises or blows away, to be replaced by colder air, creating a draught.

Single element heaters

Alfresco single element heaters feature sleek profiles, recessed mounting options and low clearance heights between 1.9m – 2.5m, to provide optimal versatility in terms of installation locations and sizes. Alfresco single element heaters are available in 2.5kW, 3kW and 4kW formats at 240 volts with a choice of horizontal or vertical mountings.
single element heater





MOUNTING Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
LENGTH 99cm 156cm 156cm
AMPS 10.5 amps 12.5 amps 17 amps
MOUNTING HEIGHT 1.9m – 2.5m 1.9m – 2.5m 1.9m – 2.5m
HEATS UP TO 2.5mx2.5m 3mx3m 4mx4m
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Dual element heaters

Double the warmth with Alfresco’s dual element heaters. These high-powered units provide a more concentrated heat that requires a mounting height between 2.0 – 2.5m. Alfresco’s dual element heaters are available in a variety of wattages ranging from 5kW-8kW at 240 volts. Dual element heaters can operate on one or both elements, allowing for a half power or full power option further reducing running costs when the weather is not so cold.
dual element heater





MOUNTING Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal
LENGTH 99cm 156cm 156cm
AMPS 21.2 amps 25 amps 34 amps
MOUNTING HEIGHT 2m – 2.5m 2m – 2.5m 2m – 2.5m
HEATS UP TO 4mx4m 4.5mx4.5m 5mx5m
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Colour upgrade

A colour upgrade is available for our heaters with the cover and brackets in black or white. Custom colours are also available. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Measuring & Installation

Our heaters can be installed by any qualified electrician. All necessary installation instructions are provided. For professional assistance, you may be required to submit some basic information about your area to be heated.

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Replacement elements

Our elements last for over 7000 hours of continuous use. You can order replacement elements online or by calling +353 (21) 465 1808.

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Customisations available on request