Infrared Technology

About Infrared Technology based Heaters

Medium wave units, or tubular quartz elements, are generally considered better value than short wave lamps and cover a larger area with heat at a lower cost. These heating units have a peak output in the 2.3 micron range. With this technology, the heating element operates at approximately 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit, and will produce a dull orange glow when in operation that generates minimal visible light.

Electric infrared energy travels in straight lines from the heat source. This energy is directed into specific patterns by optically designed reflectors. Infrared, like light, travels outward from the heat source, and diffuses over a distance. Therefore for successful comfort heating, there must be reasonably even levels of heat throughout the area to be heated. Proper mounting heights of the individual heaters, accurate heater spacing, and reflector beam patterns, and heat wattage must all be specified to generate the proper heating levels at the task area. The amount of heat delivered can also be adjusted by controllers which can provide On-Off or variable outputs.


Targeted Heating

Infrared heats us and objects in our environment directly obviating the need for inefficient gas heating systems. Naturally occurring infrared rays warm the skin, the heat is then passed by the blood circulation around the body. Infrared radiant heat causes a beautiful, clean, green and health giving comfortable warmth. Whilst heating us in a natural and cost effective way the rays are also heating the objects that surround us and even the tables, walls of the room we occupy.


Lifespan of Elements

Alfresco Heater medium wave elements are rated for 7,000 hours. Typically a bar/restaurant will achieve 4-5 years use, depending upon conditions. It is far more common for bulbs to be broken due to improper handling than it is for them to actually fail. Alfresco Heaters medium wave units emit no measurable UV energy.


Safe, Warm and People Friendly

Infrared or radiant energy is the most practical way to add warmth to spaces like patios, terraces, verandas, enclosed areas, or any indoor or outdoor setting where heated air cannot easily be contained and re-circulated. A heated quartz element emits a safe, clean wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects, transferring heat directly to a person, table or floor rather than heating the air. For this reason, infrared heat can be distributed very evenly, and will not simply “blow away” in windy or drafty conditions. Alfresco medium wave quartz element heaters emit a barely discernible, pleasing glow that will not affect the ambience of your gathering – unlike competitive short-wave or halogen electric heaters that produce a very harsh glare or bright-coloured light.


Environmentally Friendly

In today’s world, protecting our environment has become a top priority. With Alfresco Heaters, you can entertain outside without producing the negative environmental effects created by most gas-fired heaters or outdoor fireplaces. Traditional gas burners are often less than 50% efficient and emit carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases as a by-product of combustion and burning fuel. By contrast, our energy-efficient infrared fixtures convert over 94% of input energy directly into radiant heat, and operate for just pennies per hour. Alfresco electric infrared heaters are safe for use outdoors or indoors, operate silently, emit no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odours and do not require ventilation. In addition, Alfresco comfort heater components and packaging are completely recyclable. Alfresco electric heaters look better, are more efficient and are easier to operate and maintain. They are also economical to operate and require little maintenance beyond periodic cleaning. Unlike gas heaters, there are no valves, ignition components, moving parts or burners to maintain or repair. In addition, electric heaters produce no sound, odours or toxic emissions.