Why ALF80?

  • The Alfresco Heaters 8kW dual element ALF80 is the most powerful heater of the Alfresco range and requires a minimum 3M mounting height.
  • This heater is ideal where larger areas or commercial projects need to be heated, such as warehouses, aircraft hangars and is also perfect for ski resorts.
  • Twin element heaters can be wired individually allowing operation in a single or dual element mode. This gives added flexibility and allows running costs to be further reduced when the weather is not so cold.
  • Measuring 156cm in length, this medium wave infrared heater is available in either our patented tubular quartz element or our exclusive directional quartz element where pure gold is applied to one side of the tube. This micro-thin shield is approximately 93% reflective, avoiding heat dissipation and emitting an additional 20% intense full power heat in the desired direction.
  • The additional power of two elements makes this heater attractive for restaurants, bars and clubs.

Long lifespan

  • Our patented elements have an extremely long lifespan of 7000 hours, minimum.
  • This is unaffected by the use of motion sensors and timers as our heaters power up with none of the huge current inrush associated with halogen heaters.


  • With its stylish stainless steel design this heater provides the ideal solution to heat outdoor and indoor areas
  • Can be mounted close to awnings, glass and combustible materials, as there is minimal heat behind the heater.
  • It can also be recessed into ceilings or verandas.

Premium quality

  • The Alfresco ALF80 is manufactured in Ireland with the highest quality materials
  • 100% G4 stainless steel can withstand harsh winter conditions without risk of corrosion.
  • The use of 98% pure mirror finish aluminium reflectors enables the maximum amount of heat to be projected outwards instead of the rear of the heater.
  • Manufactured for commercial and domestic purposes, it will deliver all your required heating needs. Always use a qualified electrician when installing heaters.
Additional information
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 156 × 22 × 20 cm











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