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Outdoor Infrared Heater, Alfresco ALF50

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Infrared heating adds that final touch to making your outdoor patio dining area and restaurant ready. Our outdoor infrared heater in Ireland and the UK will match and meet your customer’s expectations of a comfortable heated area. Consistent warm heat that is comfortable on your skin.

IR heaters Ireland, Alfresco infrared heater An electric outdoor heater keeping people warm outside

For business owners, since you have a large space to heat, you are going to need a multifunctional powerful outdoor infrared heater. Here at Alfresco we recommend that you go with the most powerful outdoor electric infrared heater in Ireland and the UK that your power supply can comfortably support.

Table of Contents

  1. The ALF50 Outdoor Patio Heater Equals Versatility
  2. Overall specs of the ALF50 outdoor electric heater
  3. The ALF50 IR heating element is energy efficient with a long lifespan
  4. Are outdoor infrared heaters safe?
  5. At Alfresco we use premium quality materials to build our IR heaters
  6. Save energy with Alfresco’s ALF50 infrared heaters

The ALF50 Outdoor Patio Heater Equals Versatility

The ALF50 is one of our most versatile infrared outdoor heaters. This patio heater operates both as a 4kW and as a 5kW heater. Giving you a wide range of infrared heating possibilities. You have the option of heating a mid sized cafe and restaurant with two of these heaters; you could have one in the front and one in the back, or one on one side and the other one the other side. Of course, we have larger heaters.


The ALF50 operates as a wall mounted patio outdoor infrared heater in Ireland, the UK. You could recess your electric heaters into the ceiling or veranda to expand on the area being covered.

With dual element infrared heating, you have the choice of using a single element or both. Let’s say that you have a few customers when you first open or just before you close. This would be a suitable time to use the single element for your IR heating needs. You would use both elements when you have a lot of customers. Let’s say around your peak times and on a cold day or night.

You will need to wire the ALF50 into your fuse board. Hire a qualified electrician when installing Alfresco’s electric outdoor heaters.

Overall specs of the ALF50 outdoor electric heater

The Alfresco ALF50 outdoor electric heater is an excellent choice when you need a bit more power for those larger rooms or areas. This heater is for businesses or homes that have the power to fuse the ALF50 outdoor heater into a fuse board.

The ALF50 outdoor heater runs either on 4kW/5kW and requires 21.2 amps to operate the dual elements. Measuring 99cm in length, the ALF50 is a powerful silent dual element outdoor heater in Ireland and the UK that is available 24/7. Runs on 4kW or 5kW Requires 21.2amps 156cm in length

The ALF50 IR heating element is energy efficient

Our IR heating patented chromium elements have an extremely long lifespan of 7000+ hours. That you can turn on/ off 24/7. You have nearly instant heat at your fingertips.

The ALF50 gives you a strong source of infrared heating in Ireland and the UK. Our IR heating patented elements are not subject to the huge current inrush that halogen heaters encounter. Our infrared heater elements have a soft start. Meaning that you can turn the element on and off with motion sensors and timers with little effect on the life of the element. Our elements last for over 7000+ hours.

Additionally, our patented chromium element has a micro-thin shield that reflects about 94% of the heat produced. Meaning Alfresco’s outdoor electric heaters are energy efficient. With many countries in Europe using sustainable energy resources, you would be aiding in reducing your carbon footprint.

The ALF50 is an energy efficient infrared heater that saves you money. Combine our 94% IR heat generating patented element, with a 98% pure aluminium mirror polished parabolic reflector, and you get 100% of the radiant heat reflected outward. You are getting an element that produces 94% IR heat and 6% light. Our energy efficient infrared patented elements save you money. Energy efficient element with a 98% Pure Aluminium reflector reflects 100% of the infrared heat on to you and your guests.

Learn more about our 98% pure aluminium mirror polished reflector.

Outdoor infrared heating area of Alfresco ALF50

How big of space does the outdoor infrared heater dual element ALF50 heat?

Your dual element outdoor heater would heat an area of about 4m x 4m.

How big of an area is 4m x 4m?

The ALF50 outdoor heater heats a space roughly about the size of 1.5 ping pong tables long and 2.5 ping pong tables wide.

You can also use a single element on those cooler days when you don’t need as much heat. This in turn saves you money.

Recommended electric wall heater placement for the ALF50

We recommend that you have the dual element ALF50 electric wall heater be placed between 2 m to 2.5 m high on the wall or have them recessed into ceilings or verandas.

The ALF50’s outdoor electric heater requires fuse board wiring

Keep in mind that our dual element ALF50 outdoor patio heaters must be wired into the fuse board. ALF50’s dual element outdoor electric heaters require a 5 core, 2.5 square mm cable to be run from the fuse board. You need this cable in order to be able to operate the ALF50’s infrared single or dual element modes.

42% of Irish electricity is generated by wind

Hire a qualified electrician when installing Alfresco’s infrared outdoor dual element heaters.

Are outdoor infrared heaters safe?

The short answer is yes they are. Alfresco IR heaters Ireland use a medium wavelength patented electric element. So, you feel a comfortable warmth on your skin. Our IR heaters produce the same infrared heat as the sun, minus the UV rays.

Your ALF50 infrared wall mounted heater will be on the wall or under a veranda, at least 2 meters high. So, there is no risk of your child or pet touching the electric element or heater.

At Alfresco we use quality materials to build our IR heaters

The Alfresco ALF50 outdoor IR heaters are built in Cork, Ireland. We use high quality materials. For example, we use 100% G4 stainless steel. The stainless steel can withstand harsh winter conditions without risk of corrosion.

The ALF50 infrared outdoor heaters will deliver all your required heating needs. We use 98% pure mirror finish aluminium reflectors. These aluminium reflectors enable the maximum amount of heat to be projected outwards instead of the rear of the heater. The ALF50 infrared heater is manufactured for commercial and domestic purposes.

G4 stainless steel Patented chromium alloy element 98% pure mirrored polished aluminium reflector

G4 stainless steel frame

98% pure aluminium reflector

Patented elements producing 94% infrared heat

Hire a qualified electrician when installing Alfresco’s electric outdoor heaters.

Save energy with Alfresco’s ALF50 infrared heaters

Important factors to remember with outdoor IR heating: Infrared heater dual element Electric Outdoor heaters patio and restaurants People sitting outside comfortably

  • Keep the space between you and the ALF50 infrared heater clear.
  • For best IR heating results use the ALF50 in a semi enclosed space or spot
  • This way you reduce wind chill
  • Use a motion sensor & timer

By keeping the space between you and the ALF50 infrared heater clear you feel the most heat. IR heating does not warm the surrounding air. This means that if there is something blocking the radiant heat energy, you will not feel the heat.

Remember IR heating heats objects not the air.

Motion sensors are a great way to get the most from your electric heater. When there is motion the outdoor heater turns on. With a timer, you can have it set to turn off. Our patented elements are not affected by the number of times you turn the element on and off. This in turn saves you money. You only need to heat a space when you have guests. Our elements last a minimum of 7000+ hours.

Using a timer, the ALF50 turns off when there is no movement in the area. We also recommend using your infrared heater in a semi enclosed space. Since the ALF50 heats you directly, there are no CO2 emissions. You are breathing fresh air in the comfort of your outdoor garden patio.

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