Pubs, clubs and restaurants

Outdoor heaters for pubs, clubs and restaurants

It goes without saying, yet, many pubs, clubs and restaurants still chose to provide poor quality, free standing gas heaters to keep their clients warm. On the rare occasions they have managed to actually attach a gas cylinder that is not empty, their clients are treated to heat. Loads of heat. Going everywhere. Heat in all directions but mainly straight up into the sky. Environmentally, this is criminal. Economically it is crazy.

There are products available to suit every style, situation and budget. Wall mounted, Alfresco medium wave quartz radiant heaters focus heat into a directed wide beam much like a flood light so that only the people in front get the benefit and the environment and electricity company doesn’t. That’s why an electric patio heater providing 4kW of heat is more effective than a gas heater providing 14kW of heat. Mainly because 13kW of the 14kW is wasted heating the air and sky.



If a pub is to survive in a competitive marketplace it must provide for the comfort of its customers or they will simply go elsewhere. Simply believing that you do not want smokers anyway is short-sighted as one smoker in a group is often enough for the whole party to go somewhere all their needs are catered for. We are not all vegetarians, yet almost every menu has a veggie option and similarly every pub and club must now provide for its smoking customers needs or risk losing more than just a few smelly customers.

Outdoor eating ‘alfresco’ is also becoming much more popular than ever before. Most customers, if offered a comfortable option, will choose to eat and drink outside. Heat and shelter are the two main essentials needed to provide this comfort level. This does not just send the same customers outside, but encourages more to come and the same ones to come more often. Busy restaurants with outdoor seating will already know how their revenue is hit when they have to reduce their covers once it is too cold to seat outdoors. If the outdoor season can be extended by a month in the autumn and a month in the spring, just think how much extra revenue is possible.


Cost effectiveness

Electric patio heaters are so cost effective. Costing about 13p (IRE 15 cents) per hour in electricity per kW. To the average user, that equates to about 52p (IRE 60 cents) per hour. Perhaps £3.00 (IRE €3.60) per night (for 6 hours) It is a very cheap way of keeping everyone happy. The set up cost is also very reasonable with IPX4 weatherproof outdoor patio heaters costing from £450 (IRE €599) each and only needing to be bolted to the wall and switched on.



Beware of the cheap electric patio heaters available today. They have cheap and nasty heating lamps that will last 120 hours or so rather that the 5,000 to 7,000 hours we guarantee. Always look for heaters with a dedicated reflector; not ones relying on the surface of their extrusion to reflect heat back. The method of extrusion production leaves draw marks on the surface and it is usually not of mirror quality so cannot act as a true reflector. It is merely a cost saving measure for the manufacturer.



High grade aluminium is always used for reflectors in Alfresco heaters since its reflectance is in the 98% visible range due to the use of extremely high quality pure mirror finish polished aluminium giving the high heat levels which are required when the heaters are mounted at a high level. Cheap imitation quartz patio heaters only have 30% of the output of an Alfresco heater as they use low grade lighting material which is just 0.2-0.4mm thick; it has insufficient reflective coating and absorbs the heat, eventually closing up around lamp. Alfresco Heaters are ideal for all pubs, clubs and restaurants.