Why Alfresco

Unfortunately, the climate in Ireland is such that low – budget heaters simply are not powerful enough to warm patios or terraces. There is little point investing in expensive outdoor furniture if most of the time, it is too cold to sit outside.

People invest heavily in their homes and gardens, often spending thousands on outdoor furniture, parasols, awnings etc but when it comes to heating those areas, choose the most basic, cheapest possible solution.

As pub owners, we recognised this problem several years ago and began manufacturing the Alfresco Heaters range which was first developed in New Zealand. These units range from 2.5kw – 8kw and use medium wave infra – red technology to warm people and solid objects, rather than air. This eliminates the issue of warm air rising or blowing away, to be replaced by colder, denser air. Our heaters convert 94% of the electricity to heat and only 6% to light so are very efficient and produce more heat per kilowatt consumed than any other heater on the market.

We also use a pure aluminium reflector as the higher the purity, the further forward the infra – red is radiated. Every part used in our heaters is of the highest quality and designed to last for many years.

If you want to make the most of your outdoor areas, it is well worth the investment in an Alfresco heater.

Alfresco heaters are much larger than most rival products, measuring up to 156cm in length. One alfresco heater will do the job of three regular heaters.

Most outdoor heaters produce 50% heat and 50% light. Alfresco Heaters produce 94% heat and only 6% to light so will warm the coldest areas. The use of 98% pure aluminium reflectors, polished to a mirror finish is also a crucial element of the design of our heaters, amplifying the energy emitted significantly while keeping running costs low.

Slash running costs by using motion sensors. Our next-generation Chromium elements are unaffected by constant on / off switching, unlike standard heaters where the lamp will quickly blow

Our heaters warm people and solid objects, not the air in between so cold areas are heated instantly.

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