Why Alfresco


The use of high grade insulation means that unlike other gas and electric heaters, the rear of an Alfresco heater does not get very hot. This allows for mounting close to canvas awnings, glass and combustible materials. In fact the heaters can be recessed into ceilings or verandas.

  • No open flame
  • Zero emissions
  • No pressurised gas
  • Clean – no smells
  • Silent – no fans

Environmentally friendly

Alfresco Heaters are safe for use outdoors or indoors, operate silently, emit no greenhouse gases or unpleasant odours and do not require ventilation. Traditional gas burners are often less than 50% efficient and emit carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases as a by product of combustion and burning fuel.

Non-rust steel coating

Our heaters are IP4 rated so are suitable for use in wet weather.
They have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance-free. The casing is manufactured from G4 stainless steel so is very resistant to rust.

Low running costs

Alfresco heater’s operate for just 13p per kilowatt hour. The use of motion sensors/ timers offers further savings.

Instant heat

Alfresco Heaters reach full working temperature in sixty seconds.

Manufactured in Ireland

Alfresco Heaters are manufactured in Cork, Ireland from G4 stainless steel and 98% pure mirror – finish aluminium.