Our electric heaters are portable and easy to set up: plug-in and turn on. You will enjoy the heat of our portable heaters. You will find that they make great space heaters for patios and rooms.

We have fixed plug-in heaters. You may want to fix your patio heater to a wall so all you have to do is turn on the heat.

Patio heaters Indoor / Outdoor

The infrared patio heater is suitable for both small and large terraces. The patio heaters give off a pleasant warmth that makes wearing a jacket unnecessary … A number of these heaters can also be used indoors.

Radiant Heaters

The radiant heaters are a perfect and innovative solution for economical, fast and pleasant heating for your living room, office, kitchen, bathroom, but also for your pool house, veranda or covered terrace. They are also suitable for commercial spaces.