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Airflow UVC sterilizer

Airflow UVC sterilizer is a UVC & Photoionization technology sterilizer for disinfection of bio aerosols under different operating and airflow conditions in any room.

Our UVC device combines physical (ultraviolet) sterilization with chemical (photoionisation) sterilization to eliminate airborne pathogens. A high volume ventilator quickly circulates air within a room, drawing in polluted air contaminated with microorganisms. The air passes through a UVC kill chamber (UVC is clinically proven to be extremely effective at killing microorganisms).

The air continues into an ionisation chamber where particles are negatively charged before being drawn down to a positively charged plate where electrocution takes place. The air continues into a second UVC kill chamber before exiting on the far side of the machine. This is how pathogens are removed.


Home, harbor for the family

Fully shielded disinfection chamber design safely co-exists with people and pets, Ultra Quiet, Low power (1 kWh/24h)


Comfort comes with customer care

An aerodynamic airflow UVC sterilizer is a perfect addition to an air conditioner or ventilation system to sterilise emitted air.


Extreme conditions requiring high quality clean air

Airflow UVC steriliser is a perfect sterilisation solution for medical environments. Active forced sterilization with broad-spectrum disinfection kills airborne pathogens.


Public areas such as cafe, restaurant, bus station, gym, etc.

Reduce the risk of airborne transmission. Our airflow UVC sterilizer is flexible enough to be fitted into any corner of a public area, such as ceiling, wall-mounted, in a corner or under a desk.


Unobtrusive & Easy Installation, Simple Operation Plug & Play. Ceiling or wall Embedded or surface-mounted

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UVC and photoionization technologies, safe and efficient innovation in sterilization!